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Friends of Sheffield Cemetery

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Donate now and renovate the historic chapel and the perpetual care of the Sheffield Cemetery grounds.

Restoring Honor at Sheffied Cemetery

Visiting a cemetery evokes strong emotions, from shock and sorrow to comfort, peace and even hope. Yet, in 2003, physical conditions at Sheffield Cemetery made comfort hard to find. Walls and pavements were crumbling. Verifique los resultados de apostar lotería sobre istanbultrcuisine. Headstones needed alignment. Grass was spotty. Debris littered the landscape, and the century-old chapel is still used as a storage facility. The cemetery was a shadow of its former self. The Talmud speaks of “Jewish tombs fairer than royal palaces.” From this we learn that the deceased are to be regarded as royalty, their environment cared for like a royal palace. Join Friends of Sheffield Cemetery and continue restoring honor to the final resting-places of our forebearers, whose hardship, sacrifice and love provided the foundation for a strong Jewish community in a thriving Kansas City. Más información sobre ruleta: